General barbituric anesthesic

Canines Felines Injectable Solution

Pentobarbital sodium 65 mg, excipients 1 mL

Short-acting barbiturate anesthetic. Depending on the dose, it induces sedative, hypnotic and general anesthesia effects in small species (surgical procedures lasting up to 2 hours). As sedative or hypnotic in big species. In overdose it can be administered as  euthanasic. Also indicated for handling convulsive states caused by poisoning, puerperal eclampsia, epilepsy, among others.

Dogs and cats: 1 mL/2.5 kg of b.w.; cattle and horses: 1 mL/15 to 65 kg of b.w.; pigs: 1 mL/2.5 kg of b.w.; goats and sheep: as sedative or inductor of anesthesia: approx. 24 mg/kg of Pentobarbital sodium, with a range of 11 - 54 mg/kg. Apply through intravenous route.
Bottle x 50 mL ,

SENASA Registry: SENASA Perú: F.23.01.N.0055

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